Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Make a Statement

A Statement upholstery piece is always Riveting!


We have some pieces in storage ready for their new clothes. Let us know if you are interested in customizing them to suit your space!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Tillandsia Vignettes

Tillandsia Vignettes? Yes, this blog IS written in English! Tillandsias are alien looking succulent plants that you see in all those hip displays. And a vignette is a little display, a collection of interesting things.

Just received Tillandsia plants at Riveted HQ! Those wonderful bromeliad relatives are "air plants" and don't need to be planted in soil. We're testing them out in arrangements, by creating vignettes for your decorating pleasure...soon to be listed for sale in our Etsy store. These instantly interesting collections will give your home  a boost of creativity and a sense of history.

No need to let anyone know that you didn't inherit that cool hand drill and vintage carpentry book from your grandfather!

Just tell them, "Why YES, I did just pick up those glass containers at a tag sale on our last trip!"

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Wee Scottish Lass

"Blimey that is pure dead brilliant" she will whisper as the last hem is finished. Of course, she has an accent since she was born in Kilbowie Clydebank Scottland, October 29th 1959.  Here is a dictionary to Scottish slang in case you miss half of what she says. 
Isn't she pretty? Not bad for such an old (ahem) middle aged girl!   Not old, merely EXPERIENCED. She's running smoothly and ready to go home with a new friend. 
Singer 185K with original case and foot pedal in great working order. These vintage machines are not only charming to look at, they are study workhorses with all metal working parts. Nothing plastic or electronic to go haywire. We've discovered a bit of latent mechanical talent and LOVE fiddling with old machines to get them to go again. Contact us if you are interested in adopting her, and look for her soon in our new Etsy shop.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Make an Industrial Light Fixture


Funky and fun, here is a tutorial for how to make your very own wire frame shade for a lamp assembly!
This lesson leaves out some of the details, but you can get creative and make it like you want. (I love how she simply says "secure with smaller wire" HUH? It's ok. Fake it. It is supposed to be rustic anyway.)
Post a picture if you try it out!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Why yes, it's personal

Some days it feels as if the world stops.

Or at least if feels that is SHOULD stop. Yesterday was such a day in Tucson, Arizona. One can't simply pick up and move forward with the trivialities of everyday life without commenting about the lack of gravity all of a sudden.

No decor thoughts today. We talk instead about real life. Tucson is a small town. The tragedy that happened at my corner Safeway store has shaken this area, as everyone knows someone affected. Here, a friend of mine talks about Gabby being her daughter's hero. On Facebook, many of my son's friends have changed their profile picture to one of their shared moments with Congresswoman Giffords. Some of the kids were campaign volunteers. She was recently in classes at the local high school. She is OURS. Sadly, so is the shooter. A local kid.
In this graphic post-shooting photo, you can see my husband in the burgundy sweater, helping out with one of the staffers shot at the event. Bob was just in the produce section when the shots rang out. In typical (for him) white knight fashion, he bolted out the door to try to catch the shooter. That part is a little crazy, but where he steps in to comfort and help the wounded is wonderful. There were a lot of helpers he said, and a lot of simply stunned onlookers. It took 15-20 minutes for medical personnel to get to the site. Such a looooonnnggg time when people are bleeding. I know the EMTs did a great job. But I am thankful for the handholders and other bystanders who leapt in to help. I can only imagine how frightening it must have been for all involved.

I was in the car at the intersection just after the shooting. Little did I know, that my text to my husband asking for conditioner was read to the woman he was attending as a distraction. They agreed he could ignore me for a while.  Twenty minutes later, I was still waiting for the helicopters to clear the intersection, still unsure of what had happened up ahead, when Bob called me to say he was ok, but on the way to the hospital to help Pam Simon reunite with her husband.  (Now I see that my Facebook page is full of people who know Pam.) I jumped on Twitter as soon as possible to try to find out details.  Social media was invaluable to me yesterday.

One of the excellent teachers from the high school has a Facebook page and is friends with many of his current and former students. He is sharing news there, and kids are commenting and discussing all aspects of this event. He is teaching life. On Facebook. The current discussion is regarding the right to free speech and the loathsomeness of the Westboro Baptist Church's plans to disrupt the funeral of the yesterday's youngest victim.

I am still wrapping my head around this event. It feels like backyard news, since literally it occurred a half a block from my house. At "my" grocery store. Where you run into your childrens' former kindergarten teacher, chat with the checker who went to 5th grade with your son, and convene with your neighbor in the cereal aisle. And where evidently it is possible to get shot by a delusional kid while you try to chat with your Congresswoman.

So yeah, it's personal.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Terrific Textiles

Seen these? Found 'em while searching for pictures of tin trays from Mexico. As  MY searches go, I still don't have the trays, but I found this awesome fabric!

Otomi textiles, hand embroidered in Mexico. Gorgeous! Can you imagine how long it must take to complete?? (3 weeks to 3 months the website says.) Here are some more:
They are made in lots of different colors, even multi-color.  I have restrained myself and picked some of the more subdued options.  I totally support you going for your favorite color, even if that means hot pink!
These photos were all taken from the inventory of the ebay shop page of the Mexican Indigenous Textile Project.  There is more information there than you will ever need to know! Coverlets, in the 80" square range, as well as table runners, are available. These would be fabulous grouped with other simple patterns, like stripes, or solids and made into pillows or upholstery. Although traditional and Mexican, they have a very modern look...and feel almost like Finnish Marimekko fabrics.
cool, huh?
What do you think?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Vintage Paintings

Although modern design is very appealing to me, I like to mix it up. Adding old things give patina to a home, makes it look like it was done over time and not just purchased one weekend at the Crate & Barrel upholstery sale.  When I visit flea markets and thrift stores, I keep my eyes open for little paintings. I prefer local landscapes, done in the mid-50's. There were quite a lot of people trying their hand at painting in that period, and one can find hideously bad as well as charmingly naive work for little cash. A little damage is not a problem, and sometimes I just take them out of their dusty frames. I purchased the one above at the Rose Bowl Swap Meet, decades ago. I love the lime colors in it! 
This one has wonderful contrast and is clearly higher quality than most.

An entire collection of sunset pictures would be smashing, wouldn't it? 
Picture them all clustered together in a dining room.

Vintage original oil painting of Taos mountain
I love big sky pictures like this one above. These are like windows.  
To help a collection "go" together, choose a theme or location. Or try to use a similar color scheme throughout the grouping. Perhaps pick a series that all have strong sky colors.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Looking Glass Lighting

Certainly not new, but still a favorite, Mercury Glass lamps work well  to bridge styles. They can be modern, or traditional. Glass is sleek, but not hard like a metal would be. Things that have a dual nature always appeal and have more interest. 

The shade is a great place to play with color and texture like in this lamp from Jamie Young,

The burlap texture on this version from is a nice contrast.
If there is enough contrast in shape, a mix of mercury glass can be used together pretty easily. This ribbed version from Robert Allen is set off nicely by this urn version from Lumen Lamps. 
Zoom into the details of this lamp

 Mercury Glass lamps can be found at all price points, will work with many iterations of your decor and blend well with lots of different metals.  Riveted would be happy to help you find the perfect lamp. What do you think? Are you tired of this look?  Would it work in your home?

Monday, January 3, 2011


We do have a thing for typography and *bleeps*.

Expect to see many things labeled or graphically exclaimed.
photo of punctuation page markers
These page markers are fabulous for annotating a book or newspaper before your sweetie gets to it, alleviating the need for ongoing commentary. Available from Bob's Your Uncle for $10.

Swear Rings, from Wendy Brandes allow you to let your fists do the talking, in the *nicest* way possible. Adjustable sterling silver rings worn on each finger can declare you are having a bad day, while making someone smile. These will be my bad-ass tattoo alternative very soon! Wendy is a former reporter turned jewelry designer with a Pepsodent smile, a  penchant for vintage couture who names many of her designs after historical Uppity Women. Her blog and tweets are worth following.

This from Riveted HQ. Display of elegant, expensive house wine. (From Trader Joe's) Stainless steel wine holders. (From Ikea) Mounted on the side of cabinets faced with a rusty steel panel.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

January 1st 2011

Happy New Year! (cue silly noisemakers, confetti and kisses)

We at Riveted hope this year brings us all much joy and prosperity. 2011 will bring many changes, personally, my nest is emptying...while my business life is filling up! Can I look at this as not losing a son, but gaining a storage room? He might disagree.

The economy has caused many to want to streamline their possessions and do more with less. Riveted will be able to help you there, with ideas on how to re-use items you already have. We are able to consign your no-longer-wanted items. Please contact us if you have furnishings that need re-homing. Contact us too if you are looking for new or vintage items to fill your nest. We comb the internet and the vintage shops regularly and would be happy to help you find just what you desire.

May this year bring you all the happiness and health possible!