Monday, January 17, 2011

Tillandsia Vignettes

Tillandsia Vignettes? Yes, this blog IS written in English! Tillandsias are alien looking succulent plants that you see in all those hip displays. And a vignette is a little display, a collection of interesting things.

Just received Tillandsia plants at Riveted HQ! Those wonderful bromeliad relatives are "air plants" and don't need to be planted in soil. We're testing them out in arrangements, by creating vignettes for your decorating pleasure...soon to be listed for sale in our Etsy store. These instantly interesting collections will give your home  a boost of creativity and a sense of history.

No need to let anyone know that you didn't inherit that cool hand drill and vintage carpentry book from your grandfather!

Just tell them, "Why YES, I did just pick up those glass containers at a tag sale on our last trip!"


  1. I am still trying to figure out how these plants survive without soil. The vignettes are so pretty. I may have to shamelessly copy!

  2. are you going to sell 'em in the apothecary jars? i LOVE that. are they death-proof? because, as my husband points out, all the plants in our house lean toward the door, rather than the sun.

  3. vignettes make me -swoon-! loving the blog lady!!