Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A mermaid's treasure box

Perhaps she left it with her Italian Prince for safekeeping?

Beautiful highly detailed Florentine leather jewelry box in the shape of a seashell. Deep kelp green, with velvet interior. Inside, find a removable tray and two covered compartments. Also included are the mermaid's own favorite 3 shell necklaces, and a hand embroidered vintage linen, complete with her hard partying, scandalous portrait astride a fish! Where was her prince then?!

Maybe he dumped her back into the Ligurian Sea after he tired of her resulting in her tragic breakdown...maybe he actually rescued her after the scandal and kept her safe from the paparazzi for decades. Who knows? Maybe you will find a secret compartment inside the box that will explain the mystery!

This is a traditional leather jewelry box made in Florence, Italy. (Firenze) On the bottom, it is marked Leonards. Gold trim, no key. Wear as expected for age. (approx 60 years old!)

box is 9"x4"
linen is 5"x8" and perfect for wrapping up YOUR treasures.
This box would make a stupendous gift.


  1. that is really cool. can't believe it's leather.

  2. That is really cool! It definitely doesn't look like leather. And shell necklaces? Yes!